Hannah Goldman

An attractive, and intelligent young artist.


Hannah is a lovely young woman who underestimates her own beauty. She stands 5’ 4" and weighs approximately 110 pounds. Her long black hair frames delicately beautiful features. When she is at the office she dresses conservatively, but in public she favors more goth styles.


Hannah’s birth parents are unknown to her, she was put up for adoption shortly after birth. The Goldmans adopted her at the age of two, and raised her as their own. They encouraged her artistic passions, allowing her to pursue a career as a web-designer until her true work came through. She has worked at the Golden Rose Agency for the last several years along with her friend Joaquin Mortez. She has watched him suffer through a difficult divorce, and has continually attempted to encourage him in his own artistic pursuits. In the last several years she has grown quite fond of Jack, but finds him oblivious to her continued advances.

Hannah Goldman

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