John "Raven" Knoht

A tormented soul who speaks with the dead.


John is a tall man, standing six feet two inches, with broad shoulders, long slender limbs, and the musculature of a natural born athlete. He moves with an effortless grace, and power. He has large hands with long graceful fingers, a narrow waist, and a long swan-like neck. His wavy, jet black hair hangs down to the middle of his powerful back, and his piercing green eyes seem to stare through you, piercing the veil into other worlds. His smooth, pale skin is unmarred by scar or blemish, and his handsome features are haunting in their beauty. Despite his good looks there is something darkly disturbing in his eyes that drives most away.


Since he was born John has been told that he was a mistake. His mother, Lisa, worked in PR, and his father was a young up and coming college football player named Joseph Knoht. Joseph was a Crow indian, Lisa was a lovely hispanic woman. Their relationship would not have been unthinkable, except for one problem, Lisa was married. Her husband Manuel Mortez worked as a computer programmer, and loved his wife dearly, dearly enough to forgive her indiscretion with the handsome football player. Manuel even forgave her for becoming pregnant with another man’s child, taking the boy into his house, and raising him. He never forgot however, and never allowed Lisa to forget. Constantly reminding her of her transgression, and always holding it over John’s head. When he was four years old John began seeing, and speaking with, the dead. When he made the mistake of telling his mother she panicked. John was soon seeing psychiatrists, therapists, and various other professionals in the mental health field. None of them could convince John that it was just in his mind. Eventually John began behaving rather oddly, when questioned, he would claim that he was helping one of the dead. This behavior seemed mostly harmless, albeit alarming, until one day John attempted to strangle his newborn baby brother. Claiming that the dead had demanded his brother Joaquin be sent to the other side. The six year old John was sent to a “therapeutic center” where he could supposedly be helped. He spent four years there before being given a clean bill of health, and sent home. He seemed fine, if a bit quiet, for nearly a year. He even began spending time with his grandmother, whom he seemed to share a strong connection with. Shortly after his grandmother died, John made an attempt on his mother’s life, claiming his grandmother wanted Lisa to pay for her crimes. Once again he was sent to a mental health facility. He spent the next several years passing through various facilities, never on the outside for more than a few months before he would have another incident and be sent back. To his family he seemed almost to be a ghost, haunting them even when he was gone, but not really there even when he was among them. After nearly twenty years of passing in and out of nearly every psychiatric hospital in the state John escaped from the state hospital, and seemed to simply vanish. After nearly a decade he still remains missing, an unsolved mystery, the ghost of past indiscretions. Lisa still mourns for her lost son, wishing things could have been different, and is convinced he will one day come home to her. Manuel secretly hopes John is dead, so that he can never again disrupt his home, or his marriage. Joaquin rarely thinks of the brother he never really knew. As for his father, Joseph Knoht, he foreswore all rights to John shortly after the boy was born, wanting instead to focus on his career. If he knew what had been happening with his son Joseph would be very disturbed indeed, for he still remembers his own father, who often spoke with the dead, and acted as their agent in the physical realm.

John "Raven" Knoht

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